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    Community Game Testing

    Deploy and test your game together with your audience.

    Test your games with real players

    Collect and manage bug reports and feedback from your audience. They're out there waiting to help you make your game better. And it's free!

    How It Works?

    1. Upload your game to PatchKit

    Just zip your game files and upload them to PatchKit. It's that simple.


    2. Publish it on BetaHub

    Create a game project on BetaHub and publish your game to start the testing process.

    3. Engage your Community of Players

    Invite the BetaHub bot to your Discord server and start collecting feedback and bug reports from your players.


    4. Collect and Manage Feedback & Bugs

    Use BetaHub to collect and manage feedback and bug reports from your players, ensuring a smooth game testing process.


    Report Bugs Directly from the Game

    Collect and manage bug reports and feedback from your players. They're out there waiting to help you make your game better.

    Discord Integration

    Discord Bot provides an easy way to report any bugs and provide feedback without leaving your Discord server.

    Powerful Task Tracker

    Manage and track the progress of reported bugs and feedback with our powerful task tracker, ensuring a smooth and efficient game testing process.

    AI-assisted Issue Management

    Automatically categorize and prioritize bug reports and feedback with AI, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined game testing process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is PatchKit?

    PatchKit is a game distribution platform offering a fully customizable launcher and a variety of tools to help you manage and distribute your game, including game testing.

    What is BetaHub?

    BetaHub is a platform to manage beta tests of your game with your players. It offers Discord integration, bug reporting, and feedback management.

    How do I get started with game testing?

    To get started with game testing, you need to upload your game to PatchKit, publish it on BetaHub, and engage your Discord community of players. You can then collect and manage feedback and bugs to ensure a smooth game testing process.

    Do I need two services?

    No, you can use BetaHub to manage your game testing process. We recommend and offer PatchKit integration to make the game distribution process easier and more efficient.

    Need Expert Guidance?

    Our team is here to assist you in leveraging PatchKit to the fullest for your game testing needs. Fill out the form to talk to an expert and kickstart your game testing journey with PatchKit.

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    Use Cases

    Internal Game Testing

    PatchKit's robust features facilitate smooth internal testing processes, ensuring your game is ready for launch.

    Early Access Testing

    Gain valuable player feedback during early access testing with PatchKit’s intuitive tools and exceptional support.

    Why Choose PatchKit for Game Testing?

    Ease of Use

    With PatchKit, setting up and managing game tests is a breeze, saving you time and effort.

    Exceptional Support

    Have peace of mind with our 24/7 premium support, ready to assist you throughout your game testing journey.

    Flexible Pricing

    Choose a pricing plan that aligns with your project's size and needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and scalability as your game progresses.

    Try before you buy!

    Sign up for a 30-day free trial* and see how our service can benefit you. You can cancel at any time, so you have nothing to lose!

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