Digital distribution platform for self-publishers

PatchKit is a service that gets your application online within minutes. It does all the work related to file storage, patches, statistics, security checks, and delivery. No commission included.

  • cloud hosted

    We take care of hosting your files, so you can focus on building your application.

  • Automated builds

    PatchKit integrates into your build pipeline for fast and easy distribution.

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  • White label

    Completely customize the design of your launcher: PatchKit is invisible to your players.

  • Rapid delivery

    We host fast, reliable servers around the world to get your game to your players as quickly as possible.


    Why choose PatchKit?

  • For Multimedia / VR Apps

    PatchKit makes sure to install your application fast and correctly on Windows, OSX or Linux systems. Do not worry about any limitations.

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  • For Games

    PatchKit keeps your game up to date with you latest patches. Guards you against unauthorized access, collects usage statistics, keeps your players happy.

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  • For Education

    PatchKit does not require any external user accounts. It works well with firewalls and it works great on heavily restricted environments.

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    The Launcher

    The launcher is all users need for downloading your application and keeping it up to date. It's also completely customizable, so you can quickly match it to your title or company!


    Fully customizable

    Just download the source files, and you can customize your Launcher using Unity's UGUI system.


    Don't ask your users to wait! Our optimized Launcher algorithms will download and update your application as quickly as possible.



    Any changes you make to the Launcher will be received by your players instantly! There's no need for them to download the new version.


    At only 10 MB, the Launcher is incredibly responsive no matter what platform it's on.



    We support popular game engines

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    Evaluate for free for 30 days!

    The PatchKit platform delivers your game to the players, and let you focus on the development.

    Easy set-up. No credit card required.


    PatchKit in Numbers


    50,000,000 GB

    Distributed data


    Download requests

    200,000 GB

    Uploaded data


    Number of apps


    Number of developers



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