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For beginning developers and home studios.

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$46/mo. $86/mo. $280/mo. $780/mo.

Spinning it up

For the developers who need more.

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1.5TB 3TB 10TB 30TB


$80/mo. $160/mo. $560/mo. $1560/mo.

Getting serious

For seasoned developers with a solid application base.

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1.5TB 3TB 10TB 30TB


$240/mo. $360/mo. $860/mo. $2360/mo.

Being serious

Monthly Data Transfer Overages

Each time your monthly included data transfer, you will be charged with these

Transfer Price per GiB
0 - 25 TiB $0.09
25 - 50 TiB $0.06
50 - 100 TiB $0.04
100+ TiB $0.025

Price of base account. Additional non-standard features may be charged separately. All prices are given without the tax.

Features Explained

X Apps

The maximum number of applications you're allowed to create on your account. Unnecessary applications can be removed.

X Releases

The maximum number of monthly released version. This number is calculated on account-level and does not change with the number of applications.

X GiB Builds

The maximum size of a build that can be published. It's calculated by GZIPping your file contents. If you're using LZMA2 compression, its result will be used instead.

Custom Launcher

Download launcher’s project files, so you can customize it in a quick and easy way. The launcher is created in Unity, with the use of Unity UI technology.

License Keys

Give access to your applications only to those who own license keys. It's a simple, effective and non-intrusive solution to get started.

Premium Support

Get quick response time (up to 12 hours), individual issue investigation and direct contact with our development team and QA specialists.

Account Collaborators

Invite collaborators to your account with designated roles.

API Access

Call PatchKit API using individual API Key. Required for PatchKit Command-Line Tools to work.


Release multiple versions of your game. Releases can be merged, so it's easy to maintain a beta channel and then merge it to the release channel whenever you feel it's stable enough.


By default, a launcher (even custom one) displays a PatchKit logo. White-label Launcher feature allows you to remove it. Make it fully yours.


Authenticate users externally, before launching the application. Usually this could be a web page that allows the user to log in.


Get a launcher that allows to download and run multiple games. You can use it to test, sell and cross-promote your and your partners’ titles.

LZMA2 Compression

Reduce your build sizes up to 30% with LZMA2 compression algorithm.

Raw Logs

Access raw logs from our CDN to analyze your traffic sources.

Pricing FAQ

What am I charged for?

If you choose PAYG plan without any additional features, you are charged only for data transfer of your game from our servers to your players. All set up operations, including game uploads, are free. You will see charges on your billing page only if somebody is downloading your content.

Do I pay for the disk storage?

No, all the storage is free. You only pay for the data transfer.

Are there any limits to game sizes?

No, you can upload a game of any size. The system is secured against abuse, so there's a slight chance that you could get an error message if you do some excessive work. If you do, please contact the support.

What payment methods do you support?

We accept payments via credit cards (Stripe), PayPal, and wire transfers.

When will I receive a bill?

We issue bills always at the beginning of the month. You will be notified by e-mail about a new bill. If you configure your credit card payments, we will automatically charge your card and generate an invoice.

Need help with pricing?

We are happy to assist you!

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