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  • Unlimited Applications
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Billed at PAYG Rates



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  • 5 TiB/mo. Transfer Included
  • White-label
  • Customizable Launcher
  • Account Collaborators
  • Channels
  • Overages Billed at PAYG Rates

Custom Plan

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Pay As You Go Rates

$0.06 / GiB in Europe & USA

$0.10 / GiB in Asia & Oceania

$0.14 / GiB in South America & Africa

Price of base account. Additional non-standard features may be charged separately. All prices are given without the tax.

See example pricing

  1. You’re publishing an app that requires 500 MiB of disk space. After uploading it to PatchKit, the package size has been reduced to 350 MiB. The first version is delivered to 500 new users in Europe. That makes 500 * (0.35 * $0.04) = $10.50 in total. You’re doing a second release with a package size of 400 MiB and diff (delta) package size of 15 MiB. It reached all your current users and got delivered to 250 new in Latin America. That way, second release costs 500 * (0.015 * $0.06) + 250 * (0.4 * $0.09) = $9.95. This makes $10.50 + $9.45 = $19.60 in total for two releases in one month.

  2. You’re publishing a game that requires 1,5 GiB of disk space. You’re signed up for PatchKit PAYG plan with LZMA2 compression enabled ($50). Compressing the game with LZMA2 algorithm reduces its package size to 800 MiB. The first version is delivered to 5,000 new players in the USA. That makes (5000 * 0.8) * $0.06 + $50 + (5000 * 0.8) * $0.005 = $310 in total. You’re doing a second release on the same month which has 1 GiB of package size, 100 MiB of diff (delta) package size. All your current players decided to upgrade and you’ve got 1,500 new players from Asia. That way, second release costs 5000 * (0.1 * $0.04) + 1500 * (1 * $0.06) + (5000 * 0.1 + 1500 * 1) * $0.005 = $120. This makes $310 + $120 = $430 in total for two releases on the first month.

Additional Features for PAYG Plan

These prices are relevant only to PAYG plan. Custom Plans may include some or all of these features for free.

Account Collaborators

Base Price: $10/mo.

Enables inviting collaborators to your account with designated roles.


Base Price: $25/mo.
Additional $0.005/GiB

Allows you to release multiple versions of your game. Releases can be merged, so it's easy to maintain a beta channel and then merge it to release whenever you feel it's stable enough.

Custom Launcher

Base Price: $25/mo.
Additional $0.003/GiB

You're able to download the launcher project files, customize it, and upload your own launcher to our service. The launcher is created in Unity, with the use of Unity UI technology. It's easy to start with and customize.

LZMA2 Compression

Base Price: $50/mo.
Additional $0.005/GiB

Enables strong LZMA2 compression algorithm reducing your build sizes up to 30%.

Spike Guard

Base Price: $0.008/GiB

Protects your wallet from unexpected expenses. You won't be charged for anything that exceeds your usage up to 3 times over your limit. The protection period lasts for 30 days. The cool-down period lasts for another 30 days.

White-label Launcher

Base Price: $100/mo.

By default, a launcher (even custom one) displays a PatchKit logo. White-label Launcher feature allows you to remove it. Make it fully yours.

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