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    Game Delivery Network

    Reliable, Scalable, and Secure Game Delivery

    Accelerate Your Game Delivery

    Effortless, Secure, and Global Distribution with PatchKit CDN

    Global Reach & Performance

    Servers Worldwide

    With 200+ locations, our CDN ensures your game reaches players across 90+ countries.

    Smart Routing

    Intelligent routing that ensures the quickest delivery path for your game files.

    Automatic Scaling

    Seamlessly handles traffic spikes without any performance drops, maintaining the player experience.

    Security & Compliance

    Secure Storage & Delivery

    AES-256 encryption for game files, stored securely on Amazon S3 and delivered through Amazon Cloudfront.

    GDPR Compliant

    We prioritize data protection and are committed to GDPR compliance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need technical knowledge to use PatchKit CDN?

    No, PatchKit CDN is designed to be a fully managed, hassle-free solution. We handle server maintenance, updates, and security for you.

    What is the cost of using PatchKit CDN?

    We maintain transparent and predictable pricing. For detailed plans, visit our pricing page.

    24/7 Premium Support

    Our dedicated support team is always available, with an emergency response service that guarantees immediate assistance when you need it most.

    Customizable Game Delivery

    Customize the launcher to reflect your brand and control game file access, ensuring a unique and secure delivery experience.

    Have Questions? Talk to an Expert

    Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you pick the right solution for your game. Reach out to us today!

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    Perfect For Any Scenario

    Indie Developers

    Easily distribute your games globally, without worrying about server maintenance or security.

    Large Studios

    Reliable and scalable distribution, designed to handle the extensive needs of larger game development studios.

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