Process of distribution

Piotr Korzuszek

10 August 2016

The process of video game distribution could be sometimes very difficult and complex. It can take a lot of time, which could actually be spent on either development or any other activity. In PatchKit we fully understand this issue and we have a solution for that.

How it’s done on PatchKit?

Distributing the game with PatchKit is fully automated and customizable.

Stages of distribution

Everything starts with application called Launcher. The main idea of that application is that it should be as simple as possible. The Launcher updates or downloads the Patcher so you can be sure that player will always receive the newest version of the Patcher. Note that Launcher doesn’t use binary differences to update the Patcher. It simply redownloads the whole Patcher.

The Patcher application downloads or updates your game to the newest version. It’s much more complex than the Launcher. It uses binary patches to acquire the fastest patching times. Besides main functionality, Patcher displays many various things such as changelogs, game screenshots or even developer social feed.

And here comes the most important thing – the game. It’s now downloaded on player’s PC and could be launched using the Patcher application.


Everything that we’ve written above is fully automated. You don’t have to create patcher or launcher on your own. They are automaticaly generated for you application. Simply send a link of the launcher that is available on your application page to your players. All they have to do is simply download and launch it.



Both launcher and patcher are fully customizable. You can use our source code repositories located on GitHub. More information about customization is in our documentation.

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